Elsa – Olaf’s Frozen Adventure – Part 1

This is part 1 of the making of Elsa’s new dress from Olaf’s Frozen adventure. It will be covering the making of the first practice dress, and all the alterations that went with it.



So typically, I come to write this blog post only to find that actually, I didn’t take very many progress shots! I was so sure I have been documenting the whole process, which is why I wanted to write the blog post about it, especially since it’s the first time in a while that I’ve really tried my hand at drafting my own pattern.

What I do have is pictures of the underbodice/corset. In these you can see the darts that I was making in the sides. This was all to pull the strap across towards my shoulder so that it would be hidden under the dress. I know that Elsa’s dress is an off the shoulder type, but I’m really not that confident about my shoulders, plus I wanted something that would have some stability for all that heavy fur and not drag the dress down.

I believed that a really structured bodice hidden inside the dress would be the best way to do this. However now that I’ve actually made the mock-up I’m having second thoughts. Isn’t that typical? So now I think I’ll just add boning to the lining of the dress. Hopefully I’ll have pictures of that!


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