Pannier Pattern

For the panniers I used the Simplicity 4092 historical costume pattern. I thought I would share this to you all because it’s my first time at making them and it could be useful! Sometimes I find it difficult to make out what the illustrations are trying to convey, and it’s just so much easier if you can look at one you made before, (or that someone else made), and see it all in real fabric. As far as I’m aware these panniers will do pretty good for what they are intended for, a historical costume, but not something that you wish to be historically accurate. If you do buy the pattern hoping to achieve accuracy I would suggest buying a thicker fabric with maybe a metal or stiff plastic boning. In this post I used a basic dress/corset boning which is actually quite thin and flexible, so it won’t hold much weight.

There are more pictures to come soon! I just need to spend some time getting them on the dummy or a model to show them off properly.

I’d also just like to make a note about the dart, I was so bad at it! The dart ended up being curved at the tip, and I really don’t think it’s supposed to be like that. So a note to all readers, practice your darts! I know I don’t practice them enough, they’re my worst enemy.

Sorry for the bad quality pictures, I didn’t have my camera with me today. These are the finished panniers. No doubt you’ll see them in use for other patterns over time. I’m already thinking of how to improve them, mainly by getting a stronger boning and a thicker fabric, these ones are all a little flimsy. However, I’m really proud of them for a first attempt.

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