OFA Elsa Bodice

Recently I have been working on refining the fit for my Elsa bodice. The first pictures show the plain cotton mock-up. I’ve already made one version before and ended up modifying just one side, so this time I took the side that hadn’t been changed. I think my problems had been caused by trying to shrink the bodice to fit the skirt panels too much, so this time I was working on just trying to get a nice fit for the bodice. Once I made the mock-up in the red I found I had some how shrunk the pattern!

In the pictures you’ll be able to see that there is a lot of pulling across the front of the dummy. Then the side panel is slightly warped, while the back doesn’tclose properly. This is all signs that it was too big.

The last pictures are of the final bodice mock-up, which I will be using as the lining. At the moment it is slightly too big, as after the fiasco with the first bodice I wanted it to be too big and then pull it in at the seams. This will have all of the boning on it and add strength to the dress. I wanted something that was stronger than the velvet I am using for the main dress, to stop streatching and support the fur.

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